Church of Monbos

Welcome to the website of the association "les Amis de l'Eglise de Monbos (Friends of the Church of Monbos).
Pre-Romanesque church from the 11th and 12th centuries located in a small hamlet in the commune of Thénac.

Let us mobilize to make the Church of Monbos known and preserved

The association "les Amis de l'Eglise de Monbos" (Friends of the Church of Monbos) aims to raise awareness of the church, contribute to its restoration, and organize concerts. Together, let us continue its restoration and beautification, while respecting this place of worship.

Place and history

In the middle of a beautiful countryside, this small Romanesque church is worth a detour, particularly to admire the Romanesque choir and its capitals. Traces of its construction appear in texts preserved by the monks of Cadouin Abbey from the 12th century.

Our events

Today, the association “Friends of the St Pierre de Monbos Church” is mobilized, in collaboration with the municipality of Thénac as well as the Department of Historic Monuments, to preserve and restore this church. Concerts organized in summer.

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07 Sep 2024 | Evenement | Admin

Concert de Chouchane Djergaian Soprano, Ophélie Julien-Laferrière, Mezzo-soprano et Guillaume de Barros, Guitariste

Chouchane Djergaian, Ophélie Julien-Laferrière et Guillaume de Barros forment un nouvel ensemble peu commun qui souhaite proposer une fusion de la musique......
04 Aug 2024 | Evenement | Admin

Concert de Xavier Julien-Laferrière, violoniste, Pierre Adam, comédien et Angélique Cormier, artiste origamiste

Où se cache la folie ? Se trouve-t-elle seulement là où l’on voudrait la voir, ou bien se niche-t-elle en d’autres plis insoupçonnés. La musique.......
06 Jul 2024 | Evenement | Admin

A piano concert by Jean-Baptiste Mathulin

Pianist, soloist, teacher. Recitalist. The ballets of Tchaikovsky. A meeting between music and painting. A french music recital from the 19th and 20th......